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Metropolitan - Virtual Executive Assistance

 Outsource  Office  Support     

Opportunities to provide Virtual Assistant Services are increasing as Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners continue to look for ways to budget their time and money. Remote Administrative Assistance is appealing to both company Owner and Assistant. It’s a win win situation. 


You the Small Business owner  can have someone on call  part–time temporary and forget the cost of hiring full time. The Assistant can work remote without distractions and both can be more productive overall. Whether it’s Sales Support, Bookkeeping, Administrative Assistance,Web Design just to name a few; these projects can be handled professionally and save your valuable time.  


We are a dedicated team of professionals ready to give undivided attention to your company projects and sales growth goals. We began providing Virtual  Administrative Assistance to small and medium size business. We now service companies from the East Coast to the West. Take a look at the services offered in our various links and keep in mind if you don't see it on our site just ask. 

No cost consultation by appointment.     


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